Miriam Cusson

Miriam Cusson is a bilingual director, actor, playwright, dramaturg and designer. She lives in the epicenter of un grand trou noir dans l’espace du Nord, also known as Sudbury. This industrial place also happens to border a plethora of magnificent lakes, breathtaking forests and the some of the kindest, most interesting and inspired people in the world.

Her multidisciplinary work explores poetry amidst the violence and cruelty of contemporary society and questions the place and impact of individuals in our collectivity. Her artistic approach embraces a juxtaposition of vulnerability and fortitude, of beauty and destruction, while attempting to challenge preconceived notions and conventions.
Miriam has created and co-created several original works such as Tranquillité (2005), Le parcours littéraire (2006-2007), Stuff ou les aventures en catalogue (2007), Fara Lifa : Fred et Crudo do Iceland (2010), Nowhere du Nord (2013) and Parmi les éclats- Shattered (2018).

She has also founded or co-founded several theatre collectives notably le Collectif FFF (2003-2005), les Productions Roches Brûlées (2009-2014) and le Théâtre aux Quatre Vents (2015 to present, a community and university company dedicated to exploration and emerging artists).

Miriam has two honours degrees from Laurentian University in Histoire canadienne, and in Arts d’expression as well as a Master’s degree in Theatre-Directing from Ottawa University. Her student production of Viol by Botho Strauss (based on Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus) won her Best Student Director’s Award from the Capital Critics Circle in 2015.

In 2017, Miriam received the OAC’s prestigious JOHN-HIRSCH award and has recently been awarded the Greater Sudbury Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts Award for Mid-career artist.

She’s also done some other stuff. From 2006 to 2010 she was Executive and Artistic director of le Salon du livre du Grand Sudbury. From 2011 to 2016, she was literary  advisor for les Éditions Prise de Parole’s poetry publications and she has been teaching in Laurentian University’s Francophone theatre program since 2004.

Miriam has been studying, practicing and dreaming about clown and bouffon since she first met John Turner in 2001. She has been working with the MCCP since its creation.

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