Fides Krucker

Fides Krucker has been an innovative interpreter of vocal music in Canada and abroad for thirty years. She has premiered operas by composers Owen Underhill, Rainer Wiens, Rodney Sharman, John Metcalf, Serge Provost, Maurizio Squillante and Paul Dresher. Her company, Good Hair Day Productions, has created and produced groundbreaking lyric-theatre for two decades including Girl with no door on her mouth (Wende Bartley/Anne Carson) the r n’b love and disability show CP Salon with Kazumi Tsuruoka (now an NFB film) and the sexual catastrophe, electroacoustic opera Julie Sits Waiting (Louis Dufort/Tom Walmsley), nominated for five Doras. Fides founded URGE — a music-driven, all-female interdisciplinary ensemble; their fifth and final work was published by Playwrights Canada. For the last three years Fides has collaborated with Peggy Baker composing vocal scores for her dancers, and receiving a composition award for phase space. Her vocal creation for the technopera 3 Singers (Mott/Ingebritsen) premiered in Krakow and Chicago in the 2014/15 season and was praised for its ‘feminist jolt’ and ‘heartbreaking beauty’. She sang like a mermaid for both the theatre production and recording of DIVE (Nik Beeson/Richard Sanger.) This winter her recording of Luciano Berio’s Folk Songs with Vancouver’s Turning Point Ensemble will be released as well as an improvisatory album with Philadelphia based guitarist Tim Motzer. In This Body, an emotional landscape of Canadian pop songs by women sung by Fides and danced by Peggy Baker, Laurence Lemieux and Heidi Strauss, will premiere at Canadian Stage’s Berkeley Theatre from March 14th – 18th. It has also been recorded. She is editing the final draft of her book, researched through a Chalmers’ Arts Fellowship, Good Girls Don’t Sing: A woman’s understanding of the female voice. Fides teaches at Humber College, privately in Toronto and internationally for various dance and theatre companies.

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