Accommodation, transportation and food are NOT included. For the hearty adventure seeker there is plenty of room to set up a tent for free. Bathing is done with outdoor, sun heated shower bags. Very nice, high end port-a-potties are provided for toilet facilities. Barbecues are supplied for cooking and a freezer is supplied for food storage. All camping gear, cooking utensils, bedding etc. must be brought by the students.

Jed’s fence

For those requiring indoor sleeping facilities there are very reasonably priced cabins and B & Bs nearby. Once each session’s class list is set the group will be put in touch with each other for the co-ordination of transportation and supplies. Further details and recommendations will be provided at this time as well.

The luxuries that ARE offered are fresh air, room to go off on your own for peace and quiet, and a pastoral setting ideal for a creative adventure. There is also swimming nearby in Lake Huron, the North Channel, or in small inland lakes. Classes will be held in the studio, in the fields, in the forest, in the swamp and at the beach.

If you’re coming from Toronto it’s a full day journey. From Sudbury it’s two and a half to three hours.

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