Course Information

All courses at The Conservatory are “stand alone” courses, are repeatable, and need not be taken in sequence provided the individual course prerequisites are met. However, the workshop schedule is created with a specific progression in mind for the student wishing to do the entire program, or multiple segments in one summer.

Work in the realms of creativity, clown, and theatre can be very demanding on many levels for the individual student. The Northern Ontario environment within which the Conservatory is situated, is ideal in many ways, often easing the impact these explorations can carry and securing a sense of balance, peace and space supporting and enhancing a more profound experience. It is also remote and intimate for students and teachers alike. With this and the welfare of all involved in mind a deep level of professional and personal respect is strongly encouraged. Consultations and evaluations will be conducted at regular intervals to confirm the suitability of continuing study for those students applying for multiple sequential courses or for the full program.


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