Love & Magic 2014

Our first fundraising campaign, Create Some Love and Magic! through Indiegogo was a smashing success.  Thank-you for contributing. With your donations, we begin the building of our bursary and outreach programs to nurture creativity and learning.

Inspired    Janice Wu
Inspired    Deb Reynolds
Inspired    Lisa Voth
Inspired    Aja Crawford
Inspired    Nancy Kenny
Inspired    Tanya Elchuk
Inspired    Kathleen Le Roux
Inspired    Allan Turner
Inspired    Anne Brule
Inspired    Barbara Long
Inspired    Christel Bartelse
Inspired    Garry Galinsky
Inspired    Media Concepts
Inspired    Lisa O'Connell
Inspired    Marie-Helene Fontaine
Inspired    Selena Mc Mahan
Inspired    Vanessa Rigaux
Fantastic    Elizabeth Monier-Williams
Fantastic    Matthew Quinn Martin
Fantastic    Carina Gaspar
Fantastic    Sidney Sproule
Fantastic    Nelson Dyck
Fantastic    Alicia Di Stefano
Fantastic    Brenda Tilley
Fantastic    Charles Scott
Fantastic    Garett Spelliscy
Fantastic    Helen Donnelly
Fantastic    Jani Lauzon
Fantastic    Julie Donoahue
Fantastic    Katie McCowan
Fantastic    Neil Seligman
Fantastic    Norah Sadava
Visionary    Dawn McCaugherty
Visionary    Peter Mueller
Visionary    Giovanni Salvia
Visionary    Jennifer Hazelton
Visionary    Adrian Griffin & Sherry Roher
Visionary    Lesleigh Grice
Visionary    Carolyn Guillet
Visionary    Genevieve Pineault
Visionary    Helene Dallaire
Visionary    Ian + Richard
Visionary    Jules Bloch
Visionary    Nick Iozzo
Visionary    Steve & Dawn Lane
Visionary    Val Campbell
Dreamy    Cameron Mackenzie
Dreamy    Jamie Skidmore
Dreamy    Beth Easton
Dreamy    Lisa Fletcher
Dreamy    Thomas Monahan
Brilliant    Alain Doom



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