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“This work delay is a disaster!”
– John Turner, Artistic Director at the MCCP

Dirk Fingers, seen here in his bathtub, is in charge of spring set up for the summer program at the MCCP. However, he has refused to “get out of the tub” since the first day of Spring, 12 days ago.

A soggy and wrinkled Fingers states in protest “There’s been too much snow this year and it’s still out there. I’m not getting out of the tub until it’s gone.”

Help us raise $5000 for our summer program by supporting our “April Fool’s” campaign with a tax deductible donation!

The community of Burpee Mills has been supportive of the MCCP since they arrived in 2002. Ken Noland, a local farmer and Reeve of Burpee Mills, valiantly blew the snow out of the driveway to the studio so that workers can at least begin the indoor preparations. Dirk and the other workers are expected to return to work tomorrow morning.

“The world needs more clowns, so it seemed the right thing to do” says Noland, “As long as they don’t send them to Ottawa or Queen’s Park!”

Dear Friends and Clown enthusiasts,

Dirk may be a little wrinkled but is returning to work. However, we are still in need of financial support for this summer’s clown training program and scholarships at the MCCP.

With no government funding for our summer program, donations from supporters like you help keep tuitions low and provide scholarships to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to participate.

By making a tax-deductible donation to our “April Fool’s” fundraising campaign, you will be supporting this summer’s training program on Manitoulin Island, which includes:

• Thirteen weeks of classes, ranging from introductory to advanced levels of training
• Twelve courses, representing 600 total hours of training
• Up to 250 students

We are grateful for every donation and none is too small. Every amount helps the MCCP bring clowns into the world!

MCCP alumni are spreading humour, creativity, and play around the world, inspiring others with their performance, dance, music, teaching, directing, counselling, and more.

Thank you for supporting the MCCP and for being a part of spreading love and magic in the world!

Yours Sincerely,

John Turner

The MCCP Sherwoof tries to get Dirk Fingers out of the tub.

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