We’re just over half way through the MONTH OF FOOLS and just over half-way to our goal of $5,000!!! HOORAY!!!

Dear Friends,

As you may already know, we recently spread a little fake news that I was running for public office. It was our April Fool’s way of getting your attention!

We are asking you to help us raise $5000 during this Month of Fools to support our upcoming summer program!

We still need your help to reach our goal!!

Supporters like you have helped us raise over half of our target and we are tremendously grateful!!

We started running the summer clown training program in 2002, and without any government funding we have:

  • Given over $80,000 in scholarships to over 100 students
  • Held over 100 workshops
  • Hosted over 50 free public presentations

Please help us continue to offer the only clown scholarship program in Canada (that we know of)!

Perhaps you, or someone you know, has benefited from the scholarship program, and so know the value of this work and these awards.

Your tax-deductible donation will go toward our summer training program on Manitoulin Island which includes:

  • Thirteen weeks of classes, ranging from introductory to advanced levels of training
  • Ten courses, representing 550 total hours of training
  • Up to 185 students

It is all made possible by generous donations from people like you!!

We are grateful for every donation and none is too small.

Donations of any size help make it possible for us to spread humour, creativity, and play in the world through our training. Our alumni bring this training into many realms, including performance, teaching, directing, writing, counselling, therapy and theory.

If you aren’t able to make a financial contribution at this time, you can support the campaign and The MCCP by spreading the word about the April Fool’s campaign among your friends. This word of mouth advertising is very powerful as it also lets people know about The MCCP and our summer program.

Thank you for supporting The MCCP and for spreading love and magic in the world!

Always yours,


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