The Gush Newsletter 12 – December 2017

Greetings everyone!

Wow, what a year!

The universe voiced a call to action and humanity is responding. And now in this holiday season it's a time for celebration, for toasting!

Here's to the fight against and exposure of tyranny!
Here's to the battle against abuse and exploitation!
Here's to the revealing of the unvarnished truths about humanity!
Here's to the excitement of facing the fear of the unknown!
Here's to the recognition of the sanctity and interconnectedness of all living things, of all matter, and all energy, and dark matter, and dark energy, and all the other stuff in the universe!
Here's to creativity and change!
Here's to new love!
Here's to old love confirmed again and again!
Here's to all the greater good achieved through the practice of love.
Here's to the state of magic all this creates.

To love and magic.

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