The Gush Newsletter 8 – November 2015

Hello all,
I actually wrote this "Gush" in mid October but with all the preparations around going to Germany I didn't get it out in time. But here it is and now it's coming to you from Europe! Here you go…

Happy Fall Everyone,

As I look out the window at the incredible fall colours that are lasting long after Thanksgiving Weekend I am finally having a moment to reflect on our amazing summer at The MCCP. We smashed last year’s course registration numbers record of 55 by doubling it at 110 with students coming from across Canada and the U.S., Germany, Peru, and Belgium. This is hopefully a trend that will continue. We are already getting applications for next year so if you know anyone interested they might want to get on it. Most of next year’s schedule is now about to be up on the website. Word of mouth is our best marketing so please spread the word.

Fall colours in the Secret Field

Fall colours in the Secret Field

Apart from the fantastic classes last summer we also enjoyed a continued and expanded relationship with the Debajehmujig Creation Centre where we presented the Joey & Auguste class, The Advanced Boot Camp, and Karen Hines' staged reading of her new play “Crawlspace”. It was a fantastic experience for the students to present to an appreciative public at the other end of the island so we send out a special thanks to all involved there.

And speaking of Karen Hines' “Crawlspace” which was directed by Sandra Balcovske (with myself), music by Greg Morrison and Kiran Sachdev, and was supported and partially worked on here at the MCCP, it should be noted that it went on to a hugely successful sold out run at Toronto’s Videofag in September.

Two other shows that were worked on here that went on to still more success this year include Jacqueline Russell and Jed Tomlinson’s Sizzle and Spark in "Sama Kutra” which continued as a hit to more Fringe Festivals and theatre bookings out west.

And Mump & Smoot in “Anything” was awarded their second Canadian Comedy Award!

And there’s always more to come…

And now I am off to Germany to teach for 5 weeks! Have a great rest of the fall!

Love and Magic

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