The Gush Newsletter 7 – May 2015

Wow! Summer is nearly here!

How did that happen? I don't know, but it did and I barely saw it coming. We finally moved into our new house two weeks ago after 16 months and 9 moves since the fire, and here we are at home sweet home with our first black fly and mosquito bites. The bugs will all be gone by the arrival of the first student of course.

The first class, Baby Clown: The Teacher's Perspective is only 3 1/2 weeks away. We're looking at a record attendance of potentially over 100 students from around the world in all the various classes. Joey & Auguste and Boot Camp 1 are pretty much sold out with the first Baby Clown close, but get your last minute applications in anyway because you never know when someone might have to change their plans . The Joey & Auguste class has moved 3 people in off the waiting list in the last two weeks.

Finally, thank you to everyone that has helped out or is about to help out with the set-up and running of the new studio and all the camp sites and trails etc.

Mélissa raking the trails

Mélissa raking the trails

Last year was the first year in the facility and it all worked so wonderfully. We are continuing to make improvements and it's all possible thanks to the myriad of folks that volunteer before, during, and after the workshop season.

yours always,


p.s. Last fall the MCCP had the honour of supporting the glorious Morro and Jasp in the early stages of the development of their new show that is now, as I write, rocking the Toronto scene. If you are there don't miss it and if you aren't there, get there!
Tickets and information for their show.

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