The Gush Newsletter 5 – Midsummer at the Manitoulin Conservatory

Hello all,

This is just a quick midsummer update for the remaining classes and an awareness raising that you'll soon be receiving a "Reconfirming" notice to continue receiving our newsletter in line with the new Anti-spam laws.

There are still a couple of spots left in both the Advanced Boot Camp starting next week and The Mask and Clown Intensive starting August 23rd.

Everything is going swimmingly so far in this the first year of the new studio. Kudos to everyone involved, from the set up crews to the students from around the world in the first Mask and Clown Intensive, and all the classes since.

Apart from classes we have also had several shows worked on, including Spark and Sizzle in the Sama Kutra. If you missed them in Calgary don't miss them in the Edmonton Fringe. They rock! Hew Parham has been working on his Giovanni show that he is taking to the New York Clown Festival in September and Sandrine Lafond is working on her new Little Lady show. The list is longer than this but that's enough for now.

We're also working on a public workshop presentation of the Advanced Boot Camp both at the studio on August 22nd and at Debajehmujig on August 21st. We are also taking advantage of the opportunity to present several readings of new works in progress including several pieces from the dark and prophetic Karen Hines.

I hope the rest of your summer is fantastic.


John lights the ceremonial campfire 2014












John lights the first ceremonial campfire of 2014 at the Conservatory. Over thirty students, staff and visitors were present to celebrate. Indiegogo campaign and other financial contributors, as well as our volunteers and staff were honoured with shout-outs of their names, each of which was followed by a raucous cheer.

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