The Gush Newsletter 2 – Big News at the Manitoulin Conservatory

Dear Everyone,

I am delighted to announce that The Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance has been granted charitable status! Our application was approved on our first submission and in what is apparently record time. So, in less than one year the MCCP has become a fully-fledged not-for-profit, charitable organization. We are over the moon with the news.

In further news, construction on the new studio continues and every day the site becomes more beautiful. I am looking forward to when you all get to see it in person!

Speaking of being here in the flesh, the 2013 summer program is filling up fast, so please get your applications in now (and encourage others to do the same) – space is extremely limited!

The first session of Baby Clown (Jul 20-Aug 4) is nearly full; however, a second additional Baby Clownworkshop is being offered later in the summer (Aug 24-Sep 8). Joey and Auguste (Aug 12-Aug 17) will be taught jointly by myself and Michael Kennard of Mump & Smoot. This the first time we have offered this workshop on the farm and it promises to be a total blast. And although we couldn’t quite fit in a full-length Neo-Bouffon workshop with Karen Hines, the award winning director will be teaching a few hours of it in the Advanced Boot Camp with me and directing the final presentation. Finally, in early September, I will be offering Baby Clown: The Teacher’s Perspective (teacher training) course.

This artistic endeavor began years ago on a truly Canadian foundation when Michael Kennard, Karen Hines and I began our training in the pioneering research and experimentation of Richard Pochinko. From there we expanded through 25 years of additional professional training, creation, performance, direction and teaching with thousands of students and colleagues. We have gathered and consolidated, researched and produced, grounding ourselves deeply in the work while continuing to maintain a sense of exploration, continually embracing the new and unknown.

And now here we are. A real live charitable organization with a mandate to continue researching, training, teaching, sowing and reaping in the fields of creativity and performance. We will bring the fruits of our work to communities in Northern Ontario, Ontario, Canada, and beyond. We are honoured and so excited to carry this great responsibility forward.

With this shiny new status comes the ability to offer tax receipts for donations made to the MCCP. We hope to achieve our vision with help from you. Tax receipts will be issued for any donation of $25 or more. Donations can be made by cash, cheque or through our equally new, high-tech PayPal account.

I continue to feel the tremendous support of what began as a clown community and has evolved from there. I invite you to invest in the work of the MCCP (in whatever ways you are able) as it breaks new ground for creation and performance training in Canada.

To donate and to find all the information about the 2013 schedule of classes, check out the MCCP website:

Yours always,

John Turner
Artistic Director
Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance (MCCP)

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