The Gush Newsletter 1 – The first official newsletter of the MCCP

Greetings one and all.

As I began to write this first official newsletter of the MCCP we were in the midst of a "March going out like a lion" event, although I don't remember it coming in like a lamb. It had been snowing since the night before and we had long ago passed the promised 3-5 cm. and were even further past the groundhog promised early thaw. That was back on the first day of spring. Then I watched April Fool’s day come and go with a chill and fresh snow, swimming in the realization that administrative task schedules continue to change and evolve like the weather in our exciting, ever fluxing, atmosphere of new beginnings here on the farm. But all of this will slip away in the gush of a melting Spring as the maple sap runs, and we will soon find the heat of summer upon us.

And with summer comes the brand new studio at The Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance (formerly The Clown Farm). Due to the construction schedule, we have had to shorten this season of classes but we will be in full swing next year. All the information for classes can be found onThe Manitoulin Conservatory website. There are still a few spots available, but don't delay, the classes are filling fast.

As part of the transition from the Clown Farm to the Conservatory, we are cleaning up the email list and future communications will come from a "Manitoulin Conservatory" address. As you can see below there will be subscribe, unsubscribe, and forwarding options readily available and the newsletter will be also be posted on the website.

Have a wonderful Spring, and hopefully we will see you soon.

Yours always,

John Turner
Artistic Director – MCCP
Co-artistic Director – Mump & Smoot

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